24 April 2024

Manufacturers welcome Federal Government investments in industrial decarbonisation

Manufacturing Australia welcomes Federal Government funding, announced today, to underpin emissions reduction projects at manufacturing plants around the country.

The grants, which will support investments in low emissions fuel switching, capital equipment upgrades, energy efficiency and technology upgrades, are an important enabler of decarbonisation in some of Australia’s most strategic manufacturing industries.

“Around the world, we see governments co-investing with industry to prove, scale and commercialise low emissions manufacturing technologies. The Australian government’s commitment to doing so here is welcome,” said Manufacturing Australia Chief Executive, Ben Eade.

“Australia has significant opportunities to retain and grow its manufacturing capabilities through a carefully managed transition to a low emissions economy. Governments have a key role to play in enabling and de-risking step-change investments in emerging technologies, and in helping to maintain a level playing field for trade-exposed industries as they make those investments.”

“To be successful, we should balance incentives with fundamentals. We should of course keep working to ensure Australia is a reliable and competitive place to invest, but we should also ensure that our incentives and public support for industrial decarbonisation are globally competitive and well-targeted.”

“The funding support announced today is an important part of that. It will help to provide manufacturing firms with greater confidence to invest in emissions reduction projects.”


Contact: Ben Eade, 02 6198 3285