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Media, 26 May 2015 Read

Government bets on baristas over brains

Australia is betting on plumbers and coffee-shop owners over scientists and researchers to drive the nation's next wave of economic growth.

Media, 25 May 2015 Read

Will food replace cars in South Australian manufacturing?

A food manufacturing park in Adelaide's northern suburbs is being proposed by the South Australian Government as a way to create jobs after the closure of the Holden plant in 2017.

Media, 25 May 2015 Read

CSIRO launches $6m 3D metal printing facility

When in comes to desktop 3D printers, prices have plummeted to a point in which almost anyone in the developed world can afford to purchase their own machine. This has enabled hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses to take advantage of 3D printing technology to an extend which was unimaginable only a few short years ago.