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Media, 20 April 2015 Read

Arrium and Bluescope want dumping crackdown amid glut

Steelmakers Arrium and BlueScope Steel have urged the Abbott government to be vigorous in its crackdown on dumping and called on the senate to pass reforms to the anti-dumping system as a weakening Chinese economy raises the prospect of more cheap steel flooding oversupplied Asian markets.

Media, 18 April 2015 Read

Manufacturing's emerging gas train wreck

Sometimes the weirdness of the energy debate is too much for this elderly observer.

Media, 16 April 2015 Read

Company tax rate for some fuels uncertainty for others

The prospect of a "two-tier" company tax system flagged by Prime Minister Tony Abbott has fuelled confusion over who will pay what and threatens to undermine any political gain for the government arising from the announcement.