Manufacturing Australia (MA) is the peak representative body for Australia’s manufacturing industry. MA works to secure the future of Australia’s manufacturing industry and the almost one million people it employs.

MA is driven by the CEOs of its member companies, including; Allied Mills, Amcor, BlueScope Steel, Brickworks, Capral, Cement Australia, CSR, Incitec Pivot, Rheem and Teys Australia.

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Media, 22 October 2014 Read

Origin to stockpile gas supplies

Origin will stockpile its gas supplies as it looks to take advantage of expected price rises over the next few years.

Media, 22 October 2014 Read

Australian manufacturers must refocus knowledge-based goods and not to blame for industry woes

With "Made in China" labels everywhere, the villain in the decline of Australian manufacturing appears easy to spot. But a closer look reveals that Chinese imports have been responsible for little of manufacturing's woes. Moreover, China is shaping up as a source of salvation in the future, and not in the way we may imagine.

Media, 21 October 2014 Read

The looming gas glut?

Companies around the world are spending billions of dollars in a scramble to start exporting ever-greater amounts of natural gas with hopes of feeding a seemingly insatiable appetite for the clean-burning fuel. There's just one problem, which could affect everybody from New Orleans to New South Wales: The world may already have more than it needs.